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Tribeca superfood ice cream

Raw, vegan, organic SUPERFOOD ICE CREAM - what a great idea!

Klaus and Frank Zinmeister from Bavaria, Germany created this overwhelming, mouthwatering vegan ice cream. I have not tasted it but it looks so damn promising on their very appealing homepage that I will have to get it ASAP. When and where? You can get it ONLINE from March 2017 here.

Or if you happen to be in Berlin in summer you have the chance to visit the POP UP Store. Tell me about it if you pay a visit - I am eager to know what it tastes like and what kind of SUPERFOOD Flavours you got :)


Cafe Ziferblat

What an great and innovative idea! You don´t pay for your drinks and food, but for the time you spend at Ziferblat in London. You might think that people hastily eat as much as they can but instead they spend three times as much time in there as normally when visiting a café. Such a brilliant idea - perfect to meet new people, get connected and enjoy coffee while reading a book or playing some board games. I really need to go there and have a look myself!


any further information on Café Ziferblats website.



Sometimes a good book is everything someone needs - say Poetry- and Bibliotherapists. Books can help you through bad times, give you courage and can operate like medicine.
Already in the 18th century doctors prescripted books as medicine. Today they still do it in Great Britain and in the US it is an approved therapy.
You want to try it out? Here´s a Bibliotherapy Literaturelist for you.