me and ..

Who I am



Well hello there! My actual name is Sophia, but after reading "Meet me under the Ombu tree" from Santa Montefiore a few years back, where the main charakter Sofia Solanas is called Chofi my best friend decided to start calling me that.

Since I also love to draw and paint, I started to sign my pictures with chofi. So today even my boyfriend is calling me chofi and I kind of like that nickname. It sounds soft, but also a little bit funny, sweet and wild - like Chofis character in the book.

I am 25 right now, in the middle of "i know exactly what I want but how do i get there", decision making, moving into a new appartment, loving, enjoying life, going out (of course!). I love my family - we have a really strong bound. I also love the sweetest furball on earth: Elli, my dog. And of course I love my best friends very very much: Ella, Kathleen and Cristian. <3

Last but not least: Filip - my love. I would not be who I am today without you and your support. I love you so much and I am happy you want to explore some more restaurants with me and take professional photos (since I suck in taking pictures!)

I created this page, because..

I LOVE FOOD!  Seriously. But I love the good food.  Not that I buy expensive ingredients all the time and eat out in fancy restaurants. No, I simply enjoy food that is good in terms of healthy, bio, and (mostly) vegan friendly. I have to admit though that I cant live without cheese.

Cheese, homemade warm bread a bottle of some good red wine -  all I need. I also have a sweet tooth, I love spices, I try out new things like vegan or raw food, I love to cook for my family and my friends, my favourite meal of the day is Breakfest or lets say Brunch (it´s the whole thing about it.. eat, chat, eat, laugh, eat, enjoy).

I decided to make this website to share some of my favourite (sometimes own created) recipes with you :) I want to give you recommendations about the  Cafés and Brunch Restaurants I visit and I really like. I mostly create this blog to practice writing and my english so I am happy and thankful for any tips, thoughts, mails, questions,..

Have fun exploring :)