Life is too short to eat bad.

Most of my addictions and treats throw me back into childhood.. I like to share mams and especially grandmas recipes with you. This blog is a dedication to myself and of course to you also - the most delicious and wanted recipes of my heart.

I love..

Mango, Coconut, Chocolate, Avocado, Salmon, Shrimps, Pasta, dried tomatoes, Porridge, pinapple, banana bread, berries, spinach, apple crumble, sushi, tibits, sweet potatoes, soy joghurt lime&lemon, Ruccola Pizza, omelette with goatcheese, warm ciabatta with olives, pecan nuts, coleslaw, ben&jerrys, popcorn, thai summer rolls, falafel, chutneys, cheeeeeese of course, red wine, smoothies, maple-walnut flavour, pancakes, peanutbutter, calamari and zaziki, italian antipasti, Raclette, Indian food, Naan bread, Cookies in every form and texture, chocolate 90%, hot chocolate, mango & papaya, Ethiopian food - because you can eat with your hand, seafood, spaghetti, Germknödel, dates, figs, bruschetta,..


what do you love? share it with me in my guestbook :)