All the information and pictures I get for my blog from other sources I will mark, name or I will simply add a link to the original source. If - in any case - I forget to do so or if I get wrong information or information from someone who does not want it to be published somewhere else I appologize and would be pleased if that person or company would contact me immediately to erase any mistake or information on my homepage.

This is a personal homepage for personal use and friends/family or interested people only with no purpose on selling something. I just want to share ideas, thoughts, daily live and experience the "blog community". I give advices and suggestions about food, food supplements, fitness and livestyle based on my own knowledge and experience and/or studies, books, articles I have read. I am not responsible for any harm since everyone has to know their body and the risk in trying out something new.

If I forgot to mention something here please let me know and feel free to contact me anytime!


your Chofi xx


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name: Sophia Themar


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